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  • 25 February 2014

Becky Hennesy :: Up Close and Personal

My pastor, Becky Hennesy, whom I like to call Rebecky… what a jewel.. what a woman… what a tender heart, full of life. Every person that has the opportunity to meet her, should count it as an honor.  From the very first day that we met, she made me feel that I mattered :: My dreams were reachable, my calling was important, and I could conquer the world. My heart immediately connected with hers. I understood her passion for people, her heart for the orphans, her drive to impact every individual.  Most Sundays, she can’t get through transition or announcements without crying. LOL! She is so sensitive, and with that, the love of Jesus shines so brightly through her. Rebecky has literally ran every street in our city… She claims that as she runs throughout the neighborhoods, she prays and contends, to take back the territory that belongs to the kingdom of God.  She had a desire years ago to house broken women… women that wanted to abort their babies and had no place to go : “Not only do we want to encourage women to avoid aborting their babies, we want to provide a place for them to come and live, once they’ve given birth…” She didn’t seem to rest until it happened! Now, there is a home called “Hope Mansion”… it is a beautiful white mansion. It sits off I67, housing broken women and their babies…helping them find a job, showing the love of Jesus, and delivering the message “ITS NOT OVER, THERE IS HOPE.”  She had a dream, and she didn’t settle until it unfolded before her eyes! Her laugh is contagious. Her smile is good for the soul. She lives what she preaches. I want to be like her when I grow up. Those words couldn’t be more true. I desire with all that I am to love people like she does, to eradicate poverty, to give beyond myself, and to lead a people into greatness without settling for anything less. SHEroes will be full of strong, courageous, admirable women… that I personally know. I have walked with and talked with… and I love so dearly. This generation is crying out for beautiful, fun, Godly role models. Becky Hennesy is one.


Biography :: Becky has been a pastors wife for 35 years (married to Jim). At the age of 50, she ran her first 5K race and has since completed five triathlons and just recently ran her first marathon (26.2 miles). She helped start Hope Mansion, a home for women in crises pregnancies and is a champion for foster children and orphans. She loves traveling and missions, family and holidays, food and fitness.


1.  What does your perfect day look like ::

My Perfect Day would always be outside. I LOVE
walking/running/laying on the beach watching and listening to the water.
But also enjoy bike riding long distances, exploring new towns, with
Jim. We took a four day bike trip through the star of Vermont last year.
But if I can find a good mountain or canyon, I will put in some hiking
boots and conquer!

2. What kind of music would we find on your iPod  ::

I am not a person who listens to much music. I prefer silence when I’m
home or in the car. 1. We do listen to some Mary, Mary/Israel
Houghton/Kim Walker/Matt Redman while getting ready in the mornings.
And always have some Trinity Church music ready to get me going. But
there are times when the only way I can run one more mile during
training is to put on some Kelly Clarkson or Beyoncé.

3. As a young girl growing up, did you ever see yourself doing what you are doing now ::

All I can remember as a young girl was a strong desire to help
hurting people. The only way I could see me doing that was to become a
missionary. I went to bible school to study missions, but then I met and
fell in love with Jim, who felt called to pastor. I struggled for many
years in my role as a pastors wife, but a few years ago I found “my
voice” and realized my role as a pastor’s wife opened many doors for me
to help people outside the church walls as well as be a role model to
young women desiring a place in ministry.  God knew all along where and
how my life could best be used to fulfill my purpose and calling.

4. Whats in your closet ::

I am currently on a “simple life” kick, trying to live with
minimum stuff. I am following Project 333 to get my wardrobe down to 33
pieces, so I haven’t done much shopping lately. But the half-yearly
sales at Nordstrom and Dillard’s still have a string pull on me.
Sometimes a girl just needs a new pair of shoes. But I haven’t put a
limit in my running shoes/clothes which I love to get at Luke’s Locker!

5.  In your opinion, what is the biggest LIE of the enemy for this generation ::

A huge lie that we seem to accept without a fight is that we are not
“enough”. We feel the need to try harder, to try to earn God’s love and
acceptance. Or sometimes we feel we are “too much.” I have struggled
with both of those. I’m pretty loud and out there. When I try to live
smaller, I am not being who God created me to be.  Learning to live in
confidence of God’s great love for me, that’s the key to a happy life.

6. If you could go back and change some things, what would you do differently ::

I have lived a pretty uptight life, making myself
kind of hard to live with.  Exercise, along with learning to walk in
more peace has helped me find enjoy life more. I would worry less,
celebrate the people in my life more and learn to trust God with every
detail. Life with Jesus is the greatest adventure.

7.  Your life scripture ::

“See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.” Isaiah
God won’t…can’t forget me. He has my name tattooed on his hand. That’s
just so cool to me!


:: Staying connected with Becky ::

Instagram | @beckyhennesy

Twitter | @beckyhennesy

:: To give to Hope Mansion ::


( I encourage anyone and everyone to give to this home. $1, $5… whatever you can…it all makes a difference. Hope Mansion is close to my heart, because once upon a time, I was one of those girls… 17 years old, pregnant out of wedlock… but FORTUNATELY I had a family that was by my side every step of the way. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had been all alone, struggling to find food to eat, adding on the responsibility of taking care of a newborn baby. This is such a beautiful picture of Gods grace… and his heart. Partner with this organization today!)

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