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  • 30 October 2015

Embracing the Bumb

HATClub Monaco (Similar) | SCARF : Riffraff SWEATER : Riffraff- Sold Out (Similar) BELT : Hermes (Similar) SKIRT : Zara (Similar) BOOTIES : Rag&Bone SOCKS : Ralph Lauren | CROSSBODY BAG : Chanel (Similar) 

Today was a beautiful, Fall day in Dallas! We have been in the 90’s, but it recently dropped down to 70’s, and I am so grateful! My Winter wardrobe is calling my name, therefore I am bringing out every item I can wear, without sweating to death. I love this particular outfit. It is so fun and comfy! Sometimes as a prego lady, you want to embrace the trends so badly, however, due to a massive belly, you are restricted on what you can wear. Well, one of my favorite, current trends is tucking the scarf into your belt, combo. Its simple. Just place the belt right above that belly, and there you go. You’re a trendy little momma!

I find myself wearing a lot of oversized things these days, because every part of my body grows and gains fat while I’m pregnant. Anything snug, and hugging my love handles, I can’t deal. This loose gray sweater, with this dainty, loose skirt, made me feel comfortable. I wasn’t constantly pulling on my clothes, or adjusting. I just simply walked confidently in my fall attire! In my opinion, the scarf makes the whole outfit, however you will see that in one photo I removed it, to show you, that you can rock it with or without : Both are cute. I love monochromatic minimalism AKA wearing the same color tones. You will see me blogging a lot in gray on gray, or green on green, cream, neutrals. I just love it. But for those of you who want to try this look, but need your pop of color, you can always throw on a scarf, and it adds just enough! 

I hope all of you are doing amazing! Once again, thank you for taking time to read and supporting me in one of my dreams! I am loving, sharing snippets of my life with you all!

Until next time, Happy Halloween!!! Eat lots of candy. As for me, I will be laid up, watching Christmas movies and eating tons of chocolate with my little family!