Buttermilk Babies- A Necessity !

How are you all enjoying the early discounts ONLINE with the “12 Days of Black Friday?!” I am loving it! Completely honored to be hosting and representing so many PHENOMENAL businesses! Please trust that every single thing I promote, I believe in the product.

Todays feature is the one and only BUTTERMILK BABIES

“At buttermilk babies, we like to think we know a thing or two about cool parents (there’s a bunch of them on our team), but what we definitely know is that every baby is one of a kind. So, it was pretty clear to us that our designs needed to strive to be just as unique. Our goal is for our baby clients to look adorable and our parent clients to crack a smile when they wrap their baby in our kitschy prints.

We know that swaddles have to do more than just look great; they have to feel great to your baby. Sensitive skin is no joke, so we made our swaddles out of a fabric that felt amazing but was also very skin friendly. Our unique blend of cotton and rayon (from plants!) is oh so soft, durable and won’t irritate even the butter-milkiest of skin.

Lastly, we’re very aware that versatility is key: less to pack, less to wash, less worries for everyone! The large size of our blankets make them not only amazing swaddle blankets but also allow for them to be a multipurpose item in your baby’s arsenal. You can use them as a stroller cover, receiving blanket, burp cloth or maybe even a favorite binkie. We hope you love them as much as we do! Happy swaddling, ya’ll! “

I am a proud owner of roughly 15-20 of these blankets. I will say that becoming a new mommy, I wasn’t sure what all I would “need”… There were many items I “wanted”… and many that I “needed.”  After giving birth to my Evie Girl, I quickly realized these swaddle blankets would be a necessity for sure. Honestly, I attempted swaddling Evie a handful of times, and she absolutely hated it. However, that didn’t stop me from using the blankets. Evie always slept on my chest. With having that skin on skin, both of our body temperatures would sky rocket. These light weight blankies were exactly what we both needed to get cozy but not overheated.

For moms who do not swaddle their babies, this product is still for you!

I use these for EVERYTHING : comfort, keeping Evie cozy, a cover while nursing, covering her stroller/ car seat, burp rags… they are a great size, not heavy weight at all, easy to pack in a diaper bag (I always packed 2 or 3) without taking up too much space, and not to fail to mention, HOW STINKIN ADORABLE AND TRENDY ARE THE DESIGNS… the list goes on!

I would always find myself using multiple ones throughout the day. There are many things that Evie has outgrown over the year of her life, but the swaddle blankets are still being used on a daily basis. Every time I shop for a baby shower gift, the swaddle blankets are the first to be purchased because they have been ONE OF THOSE ITEMS that I swear by. Every mama needs a few…every baby needs a few.

Okay, so you need a little bit more convincing, of why you should purchase these swaddle blankets?

Just take a look below at who has recommended them?! 


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