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Yesterday was a such an amazing day. Dallas has finally hit the 50’s.. so we pulled out our heavier jackets, beanies, and enjoyed a great family day together!

We went and saw Robert III on a 4D sonogram, and loved every bit of it. He was actually being pretty stubborn, not giving us his whole face. He decided to tease us with his side profile, as you see in the photo above.

Agh, my little man. Many of you know my story… I longed for so many years, to become a mommy, and fill the void of my Micah. Evie girl has brought so much healing for me. She is my full circle. However, I have longed for a baby boy as well. I know that my Robert Nnaji Madu III, “Nnaji Boy,” will give me sweet glimpses of how my Micah would’ve been. God is such a good God… giving beauty for ashes.  Yes, we are calling him either Nnaj, Nnaji Boy, or Bubba… cause I always refer him as Bubba to Evie girl. Nnaji is Nigerian and means “My Heavenly Father will take care of me.” Nothing can ever take the place of Micah, but it is so precious, to see God send other things/people, into my life, giving me exactly what I need, when I need it. Just like the old church song says..” He’s an on time God..Yes He is..”

I am not exactly sure who all will come across my blog… who will read the words written from my heart… but this is one of my favorite parts of blogging– sharing the love and hope that comes through Jesus Christ.

Is there something that has caused you pain and heartache that you can’t seem to move beyond? Is there a promise that you have longed to see fulfilled, you have been hanging on to for years, yet, NOTHING has happened? Have you suffered loss of a loved one, leaving you hopeless and broken?

There is good news beyond your current circumstance. 

Let me introduce you to a man, a God, Jesus, who changed my life. I grew up a pastors daughter, hearing of this Savior, learning about Him, Sundays, week after week , day in and day out, yet somehow didn’t truly understand Him, until I hit rock bottom. It was in my failure, my pain, my valley, that I experienced Him, and experiencing Him, helped me to understand Him more. The more I began to understand Him, I couldn’t help but to love and devote my heart, my life completely to Him. I have tried life without Him, and I don’t want that life. My life with Him has been the most beautiful journey, and I am forever grateful.

Choose Jesus today, my friend.


All that to say, I cannot wait to carry and cuddle my Nnaji Boy in these perfect little carriers. I have waited years for this…

It is DAY 7 of “12 Days of Black Friday” people! These hidden treasures have been such a joy to find! Every Momma needs one of these! Trust me, you want those hands free, and that baby of yours is going to want to be in your arms, therefore the baby wrap is the way to meet everyones needs! 🙂

Now is the time to purchase these items. From today, November 22-27, you will receive 30% OFF!!! See the Black Friday Code below!

Here are a few that I adore… but there are many more options at HAPPY BABY WRAP …and its a must that you are aware of this :

Happy Wrap donates up to 10% of profits to charities that provide assistance to women and children around the world. Through your support we can help make a difference in the lives of others.

Happy babies. Happy world.



Here are a few photos from our family outing…I LOVE MY FAMILY.


| Roberts Outfit | Beanie : J Crew Beanie (Similar) | Layered Shirt : Fear Of God (Similar) | Hoodie : Fear of God (Similar) | Jeans : Paul Smith (Similar) |

Shoes : Yeezys | Jacket: Burberry (Purchased a few years ago, no longer available)

| Taylors Outfit | Sweatshirt : Boy London (T shirt) | Jacket : H&M Mens (Sold Out) (Similar) | Sweats : Alexander McQueen (Sold out) (Similar) |

Shoes : Nike Roche (Similar)

| Evies Outfit | Her whole outfit is Baby Gap . Her shoes are Target .

I love writing to you all! Don’t forget to subscribe for updates.. I love your feedback!

May the Lord bless you, keep you, cause his face to shine upon you, give you grace and peace, now and forever.

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