Land of the FREE, BECAUSE of the BRAVE

I hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day! What an honor it is to celebrate all of the individuals who have sacrificed their lives, and their loved ones, so that we as a country can truly enjoy FREEDOM! The older you get, the more you begin to learn that NOTHING comes free…every single thing comes at a cost. I don’t think we will ever know to the fullest, what each person goes through when they fight for this country… leaving their babies, their spouses, the parents send their sons and daughters…Children grow up without a mother or father…they lose limbs…ending up in wheelchairs or with prosthetic pieces…they come back home with anxiety, and can never live a normal life again due to the trauma experienced.
So yesterday, as we remembered, today as we continue to enjoy our freedom, I honor and salute the ones who laid and are currently laying down their lives! Thank you will never be enough…!

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American Apparel Flag Tank

Zara Platform Wedge

Overalls for All

(I purchased my overalls in Australia a few years ago. These are no longer available to purchase, however, I found some good deals for my luscious ladies, prego mommas, and the super models ! )


Happy Shopping! Until next time…

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