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  • 10 July 2016



Sitting from my dining room chair, enjoying a latte from my new Nespresso machine. My Aussie friends say that when there are no bubbles in the foam of your latte, you have mastered a good cup. Well I am proud to say, this latte is as smooth as you can get. Move over Starbucks!

What a week for America, huh? Last week, we were celebrating our freedom. This week we are mourning over lives that have been lost, blood that has been shed, over hatred, dissension, and darkness.

I have been anticipating this moment, to where I could find time, putting my thoughts to this keypad, releasing the very words written on my soul, onto this computer screen, that weigh so heavily on my heart.

I am white. I have a voice. On behalf of my black brothers and sisters, I will not stay silent.

A few days ago, I posted on my social media accounts, the very real and raw emotions that filled my mind. I am a christian, but understand that I am human.

I. Am. Human.

Isn’t this what we are all screaming out? We are living, breathing humans, that have rights, that have families and feelings. We fall short and fail from time to time…We all need to eat, breathe, in order to stay alive. We all long that we would, could, possibly… simply matter. We long to see justice, peace, and love in our lifetime.

It looks different, and is portrayed in different ways. But if we get to the root of it all… we are humans, made from dirt, who have a soul, who God has a plan for, in the midst of our sin and shortcomings. Even if the world says you don’t matter, God says you matter, I matter.

I wanted to go into more detail on my social media accounts, however, there wasn’t enough space. Any time a subject like what has happened this passed week, is addressed, there are always going to be people that either support or disagree.  Before I ever posted, I knew there would be controversy, but this is the reality of the world we live in, and I cannot, will not, stay silent regarding this matter.

Martin Luther King said it best.
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”  
“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”

Do we know exactly what happened before the 2 African American men were shot– No. But NO MAN should be killed that way.
The police officers that were killed… its devastating.
It all boils down to the spirit of racism… Whites against blacks, blacks against whites…and THIS is a perfect remedy for the enemy.
Dissension. Lies. Hate.
He is enjoying every moment of our pain.
This fallen world is desperate for HEALING.
The answer is JESUS.
I finally had to turn off the news, because my eyes were glued to the screen, and I felt as if my heart was going to explode as I watched the chaos. But God began to speak to me… the same way your eyes are glued to the tv– remember that is all lies and a plan from Satan… turn your eyes towards my word… the word of God, the bread of life, that speaks of truth, of hope, of who I am for you in times of trouble. The word is a “HOW TO” guide…how to respond, how to feel, what we should be aware of, and how we should handle it… It is our life line. So in the midst of a dry and weary land… WE CRY OUT!!!

My purpose is NOT to stir the pot. My heart is to bring light to a situation that needs to be covered in prayer, and addressed in love. This issue called racism is an interesting one, because it sometimes isn’t as obvious for our eyes to physically see, but tends to secretly seep into the deepest parts of our souls, causing a distorted view on how we see our brothers and sisters.

Its not okay.

I want to briefly break down my recent post on Take a Stand. Some of you may not truly understand what I am saying, therefore I want to take time to explain and bring clarity on what my goal was and currently is.

So here goes the breakdown :


(Please understand… I hate racism, not the person that is racist. I understand racism is a sin.. and we all fall short. There is and will always be grace for the racist individual. But I, as a believer, HATE SIN. I HATE RACISM, and never want to sit back and tolerate it, when I see it hurting my family, my friends.)

“I am so humbled and grateful that my parents Robby and Rhonda, raised me to never see color as a barrier, rich or poor, popular, not popular. They instilled in me to love every person where they are… And they have NEVER once been bothered by the idea that I am married to a man that is not the same race as me. Everyone is welcome to come sit at the table… And now more than EVER, I can’t thank my parents enough!!! My parents were raised in the time of segregation… And yet their hearts were always to love everyone as equal.

“Racism is still alive… I hear people saying, when will we stop talking about racism and move forward? Well –people will stop talking about it when IT STOPS! I am sick of people being treated differently, being killed, being stereotyped because of the skin color! “

I want us all to understand that it is extremely important to humble ourselves and put ourselves in the other shoes. How would we feel if someone was treating our father, our mother, our sister, daughter, son, badly? Please understand, I am aware it goes both ways. Whether its feeling superior to the poor… feeling entitled because you have a million followers on social media… or whether its because of  the color of someones skin that makes you feel better than… its simply not okay.  I never want to be one that dismisses other peoples pain. The African American community is hurting. The bible says ” weep with those who weep..” They are hurting from past and present situations. As a whole, they have been mistreated and outcasted for years upon years. Let us not belittle their feelings, and simply say “GET OVER IT” because we think its time to stop talking about it. It is the same as telling a person of any color who has lost a loved one to cancer, or murder, a car wreck… that years later, they cant express feelings of grief and pain, to just get over it. It is inhumane, inconsiderate, and ungodly to brush off the heartbreak of another human being.


I understand that even as a christian, we sin. We will forever be in the perfecting process by the grace of God. There are so many days I fail, and need to repent from my shortcomings. However, like I mentioned above, I feel like a lot of believers deal with racism and are so blinded to it. Yes, they love God, but yet, internally find themselves disgusted with a person of another color. It is an unspoken flaw that is never addressed because its not physically seen. It is in the heart of a man… and of course, God examines every heart. It is His job to work that thing out, not mine. But understand, racism IS something that needs to be addressed as the body of Christ. The same way we take a stand against abortion… the same way we come together and contend for marriages to be restored, and for healing from cancer and disease, is the same way we should come together and stand against racism. God is love. They go hand in hand. You cant have God and despise your neighbor. When you come into relationship with Jesus, it is your responsibility to love your neighbor as yourself. We tend to never address the elephant in the room.. but it is complete opposite of the gospel and the mission of Jesus.

What does your circle of friends look like?
Do I host people of different race in my home?
Does your social media account portray diversity..not just black and white… but rich and poor, people of all different backgrounds?
Internally, do you find yourself superior to others who don’t come from the background you have come from?
Are you sensitive and stereotype a person because someone that was the same race hurt you or offended you, therefore you see every person of that color through that one lens?

These are true questions to ask yourself.

God open our eyes to see through YOUR LENS!!!

“Everyone is so quick to post about their stance on abortion, their political party… People went crazy over the gorilla that was killed recently- and destroyed the mother of the boy– And yet the ones that are rising up against racism, are no where to be found!!!! Rise up and take a stand!!!! I will never be able to understand or relate to the African American community on how they have been treated…but I will forever take a stand on behalf of the African American community! My husband and my children are MY WORLD, and they are “black”.. The thought of them being mistreated– well God help anyone who mistreats them because of the color of their skin– I AM A CHRISTIAN, NOT A DOORMAT… And I will not be silent!!!! And just FYI– for those of you who don’t realize you’re racist– If you say you love all people, but then you have an issue if your children marry someone of a different race– You have racism in your heart.
From the Palace to the projects,
From the tremendous mansion to the trailer park, no one is more entitled or better than the other … We were all made from dirt… So don’t get it twisted!

Now this is where I really went on my rant… but its me being the real, raw, emotional Taylor. I cant tell you the number of people that Ive heard over my lifetime say… “Oh yes, I love black people… I love hispanics… I just don’t want my children marrying them…”

Let that simmer for a second.
Like Im confused.
What does that even mean? That is a racist statement. lol!
But instead of going off– let me just encourage the reader to maybe reevaluate yourself… and see if this is something you may deal with? Not to judge, but just to help you realize this may be an issue that God needs to invade…and the good news is, HE WILL. I have many issues that the Holy Spirit will reveal to me by knocking me upside my head. “God disciplines those that He loves.” He will reveal it.
I must admit though– pray for me, if anyone ever crosses my babies or my hubby due to their race… Like… y’all will see me on the news 🙂
I meant what I said with confidence. I am a Christian, not a doormat. God does call us to use wisdom…but it is okay to take a stand and talk about what is right and wrong.

“GOD WE NEED A MIRACLE IN THIS WORLD. My heart is overwhelmed, But YOU are greater.. And we hang on to your promises!
Come LORD JESUS COME! #altonsterling #yeahimonone”

At the end of the day, it is obvious that as we are weeping and crying out here on earth for a miracle, the enemy is smiling at the chaos and pain that has come from all of this. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Racism is a great tool that he is using to do so. Yes, those police officers did a HORRIBLE thing… Yes, the sniper in Dallas did a horrific thing… yes racism is alive… but GOD IS GREATER. Yes, Hell is at work, but Heaven is at work–when we as a church, come together, in prayer, unified, we release the angels of Heaven to come and surround each and every one of us… the Heavens open up, and God pours out His Spirit… THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL!!

With the small platform I have, whether I reach one person, or a few people, I want to encourage you to hang on my friend… to every person, black or white, rich or poor, male or female, believer or not a believer….. JESUS is the answer… and HE HAS ALREADY WON this battle!!!!

The end times are near… The bible is clear of the things that will happen before Jesus’ return… Let us all live in love.. pray for our enemies… stand together and allow God to intervene! Speak truth… the truth will set us free!!! And until He splits the sky…may the Lord bless us, keep us, cause His face to shine upon us, give us grace and peace, now and forever more!

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Ephesians 6:12

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28

“The LORD is my strength and my shield ; my heart trusts in him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him” Psalm 28:7

This post is dedicated to #blacklivesmatter and to the cops that lost their lives. Thank you for your sacrifice. Your voice is not in vain. You are heard… you are appreciated…

Having a black husband, and being a part of a black family, I can see the effects that racism has on their minds and their hearts. I feel, as a white person, it means so much more when we as the white community, speak up for the black community.

On behalf of the white race, although not all of us are mean or judgmental or racist, I am sorry if you have ever been mistreated, stereotyped, judged, degraded, or made to feel any less than… 

This world needs you.

And on a lighter note… this world would be so lame without YOU.. your talent, your drive, your music abilities, your beauty, your spirits that do everything 110% with all your heart, your passion, your ability to make life so much better…

If this world was all white, how boring would it be? lol!

Let that simmer… 😉

I am just grateful that we all have each other, red and yellow, black and white… and can learn from each others uniqueness.

Thank you for being you!

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