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  • 17 September 2016

Popsicles with my Main Girl

You would think with it being the month of September, Texas would get the hint, and lower the temperature. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Therefore, Evie girl and I had to stop by Steel City Pops, and grab us an all natural Strawberry Popsicle. These are to die for.. Real strawberries, frozen on a stick, to make the yummiest, healthiest popsicle you’ve ever tasted!

Im crushing hard on the current trend of the flare pant, gaucho, whatever you want to call it. I have gotten my share of flare denim recently and have been anticipating to share it with you all!

Here is the first of many!!

Simple but a statement piece!

Shop Flare Denim Here (Anthropologie)

In love with the jacket as much as I am?

You’ll NEVER guess where I got it?!

I got it from DIVINE CONFERENCE!! I recently spoke at Divine Conference in Orange County, and this was their INCREDIBLE merchandise! You should just go ahead and register now for Georgia conference which is happening in just a few weeks! One, because the conference is incredible, and two, because you have access to some awesome merch!

REGISTER HERE : Divine Conference

In love with my shirt as well. Simple tee, with a little character.

Shop Basic Tee (Urban Outfitters)

I loved spending the day with my girls! One of my life long friends, Jesselyn, is in town, all the way from Holland! We met at Christ for the Nations in 2006, and have been inseparable ever since. She is a blessing to me. The older I have gotten, the more I have learned that your circle of friendships grow smaller and smaller with age. I used to think the more friends I had, the better off I was. Now that I am 29, Ive learned, if I can just have one true friend that is truly for me, I am doing good! She is this friend, and I will forever be grateful for her!

Cheers to a happy weekend together!!!

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Feels good to be back on the blog! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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