Today is dedicated to my ride or die, my better half, my love, Robert. So many days, we are both busy doing life, ministry, parenthood, work, time slips us by, and before I know it, I haven’t taken a second to really just acknowledge how much I truly love this man. Its crazy how we sometimes take for granted the most precious people in our lives. We get complacent with having access to them…and its extremely easy to do so with your spouse. You have made a lifetime commitment, so its easy for the mindset to creep up on you, “Oh, they aren’t going anywhere, they’ll be here forever.” Therefore, we unawarely neglect them. The enemy loves to attack our families.. he loves to target our marriages, and the biggest fact is, the enemy is patient. So will it happen over night? NO. But if you aren’t careful, one day, years later, you will wake up and realize, I don’t even know this person any more. The person I gave my heart to, the person that God ordained me to come into covenant with, the person that I have created children with, the person that once knew every detail of who I was, once upon a time, my best friend, and yet now, because of time, busyness, different schedules, children pulling in a millions different directions, commitment to others, you no longer know this person.
I used to ask myself — how does this happen?
I come from a divorced family. 100 % of families on both, my mother and fathers side, are all divorced.
I always questioned, how do you just all of a sudden stop loving “the love of your life?”
But, now being married, having children, careers, I can totally see how it can happen…

Marriage takes work.
Marriage takes commitment.

Marriage calls for selflessness, doing things you don’t always desire to do.
Marriage requires figuring out what pleases the other, and making it happen, with excitement in knowing, that although you may not enjoy it, you find delight because it brings joy to the other.
Marriage requires you being on the same team, and nothing coming in between.

Did you know you can actually cheat on your spouse without another person involved? 
You can cheat with your job, with your children, with other hobbies.. the list is endless.

There are so many days, that by the end, I just want to sleep. I have changed diapers all day, been on my hands and knees wiping food, and spills off the floor. I’ve changed sheets that have been peed on during nap time. I’ve done 5 loads of laundry, while in the meantime, answered emails, blogged, cooked, cleaned dirty dishes, the list goes on… by the time the babies go down for bed time, I want to sit in silence and DO NOTHING.
Sometimes that is necessary, however, when you find yourself giving more to other things in life, and giving least to your love, this calls for a red flag, and needs attention asap.

I am beyond grateful for the Holy Spirit that is constantly helping me, leading me, showing me what I need to “fix” in my every day life.
Beware of the enemies lies of making you feel like you are failing! YOU ARENT. You may need to make a few adjustments, but the best news is — we are all in the perfecting process. I need Jesus on the daily basis, and without Him, I am so confused, lost, and failing. But with Him, he tends to gently guide and patiently teach me like the love of a father. I envision Gods love for us like this :
Robert trying to teach Evie how to ride her tricycle.
She gets on so confidently as if she knows what she’s doing. She then attempts to pedal and begins to lose her balance, and cant seem to figure it out…
He so gently gets down eye level, and begins to show her..patiently teaching her.
“Evie, put your foot here…and push… pedal like this… oh no, don’t do it that way.. put your foot here.. push like this and pedal like that… and continues to repeat himself…”
Doing it with gentleness and grace, and patience.

In the same way, God comes down to where we are… He gets eye level with us… and he begins to teach us where our feet should go, how to balance out everything in life that sits on our plates… sometimes, he may have to repeat himself a few times, but in his patience, and ability to willingly come down to where we are, we learn, and we grow, and we become capable, because of who He is for us.

I am constantly having to remind myself of this very thing.
I write today, from my very own weakness.. my very own struggles… and I tell you all, what I have to tell myself daily.

So yes, today is for my love.
My way to shout if from the rooftop, to tell the world, I cant imagine my life with out you.
You are the best husband, daddy, friend, and everything I’ve ever needed.
Every day that passes, it becomes more and more evident that we were made for each other.
We compliment the other…Our lives are like a puzzle… It all just fits together, and has become this beautiful picture of Gods grace and his love just for us… You have given me 2 beautiful babies, a happy life… and its made a happy wife 😉

On a lighter note, we even share clothes, and take photos of each other. Although, Robert gets extremely annoyed, I remind him, this is my job, and you’ll be aight– so snap away!

We lightly argued over who could wear the hat this day, so we swapped and snapped each other… lol! We are so lame, but its just what happens when a husband and wife both love fashion. The struggle is so real!

| His Outfit |
(He is an expensive shopper, so I have located pieces that are just as amazing, but more reasonably priced!)
Jacket : Maison Margeila (Similar) | Denim Jeans : En Noir (Similar) | Shoes : Bottega Veneta ( Similar) | Hat : Nick Fouquet (Similar)

| Her Outfit |
Oversized Hoodie : Fear of God (Similar) | Denim Oversized Jacket : Love Culture | Thigh High Boots : Stuart Weitzman (Similar)
Hat : (Same hat as Robert above)

Make sure to squeeze your spouse today, and let them know HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!

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