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  • 20 September 2017

Road to Repair Your Hair

For those of you who have been following me for a while are aware that I damaged my hair roughly 8 months ago! Bleach bleach and more bleach snapped my locks at the mid-shaft and caused some unwanted layers. That is the nice way to put it 😉 I was a hair stylist for 6 years prior to babies. For me, snapping my hair was upsetting but not the end of the world. I thought, lets get creative and work with what we have, so I chopped it to my chin so there wouldn’t be a huge disconnect between my layers and the perimeter of my hair, invested in a nice wig known as “STELLA”, and Ive spent the last 8 months deep conditioning, using olaplex, and some awesome products. My hair isn’t exactly where I want it, however, it is moving in that direction, and I am currently loving the look! I wanted to take some time out today and give you all insight on the products I have been using, as well as the styling tool I have used for my latest look.

It feels great to be back on the blog! Thanks for checking it out!




Also, be aware, when I purchased Stella, I toned her, as well as trimmed and styled her. Therefore, when searching for the perfect wig, take all of these things into consideration. I would recommend you taking your wig to your local stylist and allowing them to make the tweaks necessary to give you your desired look.

Below is a picture of Stella before I cut bangs. When I tell you, SHE SAVED MY HAIR, thats an understatement. I will forever be a fan of wigs now!

Stella after bangs, and cutting her a little shorter


Below is when I chopped my hair and began the journey of growing it out

Below, is after wearing Stella, the products, and simply time.


Not where I wanna be, but not where I used to be 😉
I am actually loving my natural hair these days!
Hopefully these tips have helped and you enjoyed todays blog!!

Until next time…

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